Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gosh Nails Haul

Whilst browsing Superdrug I recently came across the GOSH clearance stand! I've never been lucky enough to drop on the stand before but this year I hit jackpot! 

I Love Gosh and have used it for years now. I love their liquid foundation! 

They have all polishes £2 in the clearance stand so I couldn't resist! Some of the bottles have remains of stickers on them but that doesn't really matter too much to me... will come of with a good old wipe.

Soooo, inspired by the latest stint of good weather I thought I'd go for some bright colours for once! So I went for this citrusy three and I love them! They are just perfect for hot sunny days with a nice tan! (Real or fake :p)
 I may go back to purchase a bright blue I saw too...

I do have a few more polish purchases to haul but I thought I'd kick off with these as I'm feeling summery.

I've been going nail mad lately!

I'm also feeling a gorgeous nail of the day coming up with a concoction of these three when I've soaked my pale bod in some fake browness so watch out for that coming up very soon!

I'd love to see if any of you girls have been lucky with the GOSH stands this year?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bomb Cosmetics: Haul

On a recent trip to my local Beales in Bolton I came across some beautiful handmade all natural soap, after spending almost an hour trying to decide which one I wanted to try I stumbled up on what I can only describe as heaven! A whole two walls of pretty amazing bath bombs and bath melts. 
The best part about it... they are pretty cheap too! The highest price I came across was about £3 for a bath melt.

Here's what I bought...

Vintage Rosehip bath blaster £2.29
CrazyCupid soap slice £2.50

A closer look...

I haven't yet tried the bath bomb but when I do I will be sure to do a post on it. I've nearly used up all my soap so I am eager to try out some more. This CrazyCupid bar will also be a repurchase though because I actually love it, it smells like strawberries and cream! mmmm. It creates a luxurious thick lather all over your skin and leaves it all yummy and soft!

I've seen posts that compare Bomb and Lush but I won't do that. I love both and I am not out looking for a company to replace Lush.

If you don't have a local stockist of Bomb cosmetics you can visit their website here... LINKKKKK!

I hope you do give them a go, I'm glad I did, and I can't wait to purchase some of their bath meltz and brules they look divine!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Girly Bath Time: Think Pink!

This one is for all the bath time lovers out there.
After a day at Uni or just a stressful day in general, for me there is nothing quite like running the bath, getting in and just washing all the shitty real world nonsense down the drain, with lots and lots and LOTS of bubbles! 
Since moving in to my own apartment which has an amazingly beautiful bathroom (best room in the flat) and a huge bath tub, bath time has quickly become my favourite time of the day. Before hand, I was always a shower girl but not no more!

So I thought I'd share my new love with the girls and do a post on one of my fave Lush bath bombs, Think Pink. 



As you can see, the bomb turns the water a gorgeous pinky colour which wraps your whole body in girlishness and all other kinds of feminine delight. It smells outstandingly beautiful and sweet, it really is one of my faves. 

First dip

Explodes with pretty pink confetti hearts!

So there you have it, a pretty pink Lush bomb that if you are like me, a girly bundle of fluff, you will love. 
I must mention also that this bomb is on the cheaper end of the Lush bomb price scale at £2.45
You can purchase it here... Linky Link, or in your fave local Lush store. I adore Lush Bolton, they are always so helpful and friendly. I find sometimes people can try to force purchases on to you, and that is when I will not buy anything even if there is something I want. I really can't stand the force that comes from some shops/cosmetic counters. But with Lush I find they ask you if you need anything, they make them selves available to you and approachable, but if you say you don't need help or you are just having a look, they will leave you to your own devices, which I love. 

I'll leave you with two more pretty pictures of my water...

I reeeeeally didn't want to let the water out! 

So I hope everyone is well and also please leave any Lush suggestions below in the comments box, I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Nail of The Day: Konad

 Sorry for the extremely poor lighting. I'm visiting my parents and left it a little too late to take pics really. I may try and catch a good light tomorrow and do another little post. However I will probably change the design by the afternoon! I'm going through a little nail obsession a the minuet.

For this I used...

Konad M74 plate 
(I think) I will confirm this tomorrow, the plate is down stairs and I don't want to wake my parents!
W7-Pink Passion
Unbranded Silver
Andrea Fulerton - GemStone Over Coat

The GemStone polish is by far my most favourite polish I have ever had as I've said before. 
Basically the same as GOSH, Rainbow that was discontinued. This is always out of stock, so if they still have it I am gonna stock up

Separate post coming soon on the Konad plate as I am going to stock up on a few plates and do one big messy post with a few different designs for you all to feast your eyes on! - I think I've used about 30 different polishes today before I settled on this design. My cuticles are a right mess!

Hope you like this design and I hope you look forward to seeing more in the future!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Nail of the day.

Very easy to do& looks beautiful!

Using BarryM - NP293


Andrea Fulerton - Gemstone Overcoat 101

Hope you like!
The Andrea Fulerton top coat is such an easy way to transform any nail colour. It really is my fave polish of all time. I used to have it in Gosh 'rainbow' but Goshdiscontinued it, like they usually do with all their best products! 

Naughty Lush Haul.

So today didn't start out too well. I went to the Doctors for a blood tests at 8.45 am and had to fast for 12 hours previous. The nurse couldn't find my veins! Oh myyyy. Having needles wiggled about in my arm for at least five minuets wasn't what I had in mind for my start to the week! (One thing is for sure, I'll never be a heroin addict!) In the end she stuck it in my hand and wiggled about there for a bit where she finally found some of my precious blood! Blegh. I then had to down a bottle of Lucozade and sit there for two hours in the waiting room. Then go again for more blood. Same episode, different arm. So as you can imagine, I was a little sore and hacked off and in need of a treat.

Well after reading some lovely new blogs last night, I came across a particularly amazing one which stood out to me, and I know this is gonna look like a right major arse lick but oh well haha! It was one of those 'Omg give me more posts' moments for me. So I dedicate this post to the lovely LucyLoo the brilliant writer of Lucy Writes and a self proclaimed Lush addict! Her Lush posts made me green with envy looking at all the goodies she has stocked up. So today whilst I was casually browsing her blog during my 2 hour stint in the Drs, I thought bugger the spending ban, I'm gonna get me some Lush! 

So tonight I shall mostly be relaxing in a huge bath of exploding glitter thanks to Lucy and her blog. And also after some lovely tweets from LushWhiteCity who wished me well in the Drs! - Thank you. 

This post will be quite picture heavy as for me there isn't much I can say about Lush, I think the pictures will do the talking on this one! So here goes... 

Candy Bubble Bar ~ £2.45

Think Pink ~ £2.45

Space Girl ~ £1.95

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt ~ Complimentary, but can be bought for £2.95

Latte Lip Tint ~ £4.95

You can buy all the above and more amazing stuff here.

Just thought I would add this on the end. I can't wait for the Easter collection to come out! 
Hoppy Easter looks so adorable! & The carrots are soooo cute too haha! 

I've bought loads more stuff today that I shouldn't have from various places and will be blogging what I got soon, just thought Lush deserved a separate haul!

Hope you've all had a great start to the week and don't forget to check out Lucy Writes if you get a spare mo! Promise you'll love her blog!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Little Tip: It's that time of the week again...

Time to do my brows :(

I don't know about you lot but when it comes to plucking my eyebrows I am a total absolute wimp. My Mum has kindly pointed this out several times and also ordered me to 'get a grip' but I just can't. It hurts so bad! - When I do my brows I get to the end of the first one just getting used to the pain, take a big sigh of relief then realise I have a whole other brow to tend to! (And the pain starts again!)

So for years I refused to pluck and used an eyebrow trimmer however now it's just not cutting it for me any more. My Mum bullied me into having my eyebrows threaded promising me that it wouldn't hurt. She lied!!!!! I will NEVER go near one of those nasty ladies armed with strings of cotton again. Ever! I loved the result but the pain really was not worth it for me. I sat for 2 hours afterwards with ice pops held onto my brows at my Grandmas house whilst my cousins called me pathetic haha! So I finally came to the conclusion I was gonna have to suck it up and find my inner lady balls and get on with my tweezers.

Maybe I am exaggerating, I don't know. But what I do know is that my face doesn't like having tiny hairs ripped out of it. Nor does any other part of me, but heyho I do it anyway. We all do. Well most of us. So whilst deciding I had no choice but to conform to my mothers wishes and keep up with the threading or put myself through one night of misery a week for the sake of having beautiful brows or go green and grow a pair... literally... on my face... like slugs.

I decided to go for the night of misery anyway and to cut a long story short I sit with my little pocket mirror and my awful evil tweezers and I hurl naughty swear words at them till I'm done. (My boyfriend thinks I'm barking mad.)

One day however after dropping a full kettle of boiling water on my stomach and my hand (stupid water bottle), I rubbed my trusty Germolene on to take the pain away and suddenly it came to me. Maybe this would help my brows! - I now rub a generous amount of Germolene on my eyebrows about 10 mins before I pluck and the pain is reduced considerably. It still hurts. I still swear, a lot. But for me it is more manageable. Germolene is meant for use on minor cuts and burns to take the sting away and I can remember my Granny using it on all us grankids when we were little when we would fall, she would say, ''Do you want some of the magic cream on it?'' It really is my magic cream to this day! My make up bag is never with out it, I take it everywhere with me haha! I'm known in my family now as the crazy Germolene lady, as whenever there is a need for it I just whip it out right there and then! Problem solved. - It's cheap too, you can get it for about a pound just about anywhere!

So I know this post won't apply to all of you lovely ladies, as you are probably not all raving wimpy losers like me! But if there are any of you out there like me give it a try! Don't forget to leave it a little though before plucking so it has time to numb the skin a bit!

I hope this helps! - Feel free to let me know if you think I really am just a wimp, or is my Mum just a sadistic weirdo who has a major pain threshold that I should be jealous of?! Hope you've all had a good weekend and I wish you all a great start to another week!