Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Little Tip: It's that time of the week again...

Time to do my brows :(

I don't know about you lot but when it comes to plucking my eyebrows I am a total absolute wimp. My Mum has kindly pointed this out several times and also ordered me to 'get a grip' but I just can't. It hurts so bad! - When I do my brows I get to the end of the first one just getting used to the pain, take a big sigh of relief then realise I have a whole other brow to tend to! (And the pain starts again!)

So for years I refused to pluck and used an eyebrow trimmer however now it's just not cutting it for me any more. My Mum bullied me into having my eyebrows threaded promising me that it wouldn't hurt. She lied!!!!! I will NEVER go near one of those nasty ladies armed with strings of cotton again. Ever! I loved the result but the pain really was not worth it for me. I sat for 2 hours afterwards with ice pops held onto my brows at my Grandmas house whilst my cousins called me pathetic haha! So I finally came to the conclusion I was gonna have to suck it up and find my inner lady balls and get on with my tweezers.

Maybe I am exaggerating, I don't know. But what I do know is that my face doesn't like having tiny hairs ripped out of it. Nor does any other part of me, but heyho I do it anyway. We all do. Well most of us. So whilst deciding I had no choice but to conform to my mothers wishes and keep up with the threading or put myself through one night of misery a week for the sake of having beautiful brows or go green and grow a pair... literally... on my face... like slugs.

I decided to go for the night of misery anyway and to cut a long story short I sit with my little pocket mirror and my awful evil tweezers and I hurl naughty swear words at them till I'm done. (My boyfriend thinks I'm barking mad.)

One day however after dropping a full kettle of boiling water on my stomach and my hand (stupid water bottle), I rubbed my trusty Germolene on to take the pain away and suddenly it came to me. Maybe this would help my brows! - I now rub a generous amount of Germolene on my eyebrows about 10 mins before I pluck and the pain is reduced considerably. It still hurts. I still swear, a lot. But for me it is more manageable. Germolene is meant for use on minor cuts and burns to take the sting away and I can remember my Granny using it on all us grankids when we were little when we would fall, she would say, ''Do you want some of the magic cream on it?'' It really is my magic cream to this day! My make up bag is never with out it, I take it everywhere with me haha! I'm known in my family now as the crazy Germolene lady, as whenever there is a need for it I just whip it out right there and then! Problem solved. - It's cheap too, you can get it for about a pound just about anywhere!

So I know this post won't apply to all of you lovely ladies, as you are probably not all raving wimpy losers like me! But if there are any of you out there like me give it a try! Don't forget to leave it a little though before plucking so it has time to numb the skin a bit!

I hope this helps! - Feel free to let me know if you think I really am just a wimp, or is my Mum just a sadistic weirdo who has a major pain threshold that I should be jealous of?! Hope you've all had a good weekend and I wish you all a great start to another week!

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