Friday, 27 January 2012

Something For The Weekend: Lip Tattoos.

When I first saw these lip tats I thought to my self... ''Who the hell would wear those?!''

Well me of course! I will try anything once. (Apart from octopus risotto)

I  bought this as a little giggle thinking there was no chance on this earth that I would leave the house with anything like this on my lips!

However, I now wish I had saved it to wear on a night out, either when I'm feeling bright or when it's a fancy dress of some sort. - I love it haha!

You just apply them like you would one of the transfer tattoos, like we used to find hidden in the old little bubble gums and 20p twist machines when we were little. OMG remember those?  How times change ey :(

You can purchase lip transfers here on Ebay, they are currently buy two get one free, plus they are so cheap at £1.49!

I can't wait to experiment with some other colours. There are some that are just totally unwearable for me, but then again some that are amazing. I want to try the ones with 'Kiss' written on the bottom lip.

They are a little 'faffy' to apply and feel quite strange on the lips to begin with, but like with false lashes for example, you get used to it and seem to forget they are there. I was a little worried about smiling in them but all was good!

What do you think? Would you dare to wear these on a night out?

Haha! (Cringe)


  1. ohhh, I've been looking at these for ages, I think they look really glam on you x

    1. Thank you! I don't think I quite have the guts to go out in them though! I'm usually very boring with my make up lol x