Monday, 30 January 2012

Naughty Lush Haul.

So today didn't start out too well. I went to the Doctors for a blood tests at 8.45 am and had to fast for 12 hours previous. The nurse couldn't find my veins! Oh myyyy. Having needles wiggled about in my arm for at least five minuets wasn't what I had in mind for my start to the week! (One thing is for sure, I'll never be a heroin addict!) In the end she stuck it in my hand and wiggled about there for a bit where she finally found some of my precious blood! Blegh. I then had to down a bottle of Lucozade and sit there for two hours in the waiting room. Then go again for more blood. Same episode, different arm. So as you can imagine, I was a little sore and hacked off and in need of a treat.

Well after reading some lovely new blogs last night, I came across a particularly amazing one which stood out to me, and I know this is gonna look like a right major arse lick but oh well haha! It was one of those 'Omg give me more posts' moments for me. So I dedicate this post to the lovely LucyLoo the brilliant writer of Lucy Writes and a self proclaimed Lush addict! Her Lush posts made me green with envy looking at all the goodies she has stocked up. So today whilst I was casually browsing her blog during my 2 hour stint in the Drs, I thought bugger the spending ban, I'm gonna get me some Lush! 

So tonight I shall mostly be relaxing in a huge bath of exploding glitter thanks to Lucy and her blog. And also after some lovely tweets from LushWhiteCity who wished me well in the Drs! - Thank you. 

This post will be quite picture heavy as for me there isn't much I can say about Lush, I think the pictures will do the talking on this one! So here goes... 

Candy Bubble Bar ~ £2.45

Think Pink ~ £2.45

Space Girl ~ £1.95

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt ~ Complimentary, but can be bought for £2.95

Latte Lip Tint ~ £4.95

You can buy all the above and more amazing stuff here.

Just thought I would add this on the end. I can't wait for the Easter collection to come out! 
Hoppy Easter looks so adorable! & The carrots are soooo cute too haha! 

I've bought loads more stuff today that I shouldn't have from various places and will be blogging what I got soon, just thought Lush deserved a separate haul!

Hope you've all had a great start to the week and don't forget to check out Lucy Writes if you get a spare mo! Promise you'll love her blog!


  1. Haha, love my little mention ;) I love everything you got, let me know how the Latte is? Haven't tried it yet, I love A million Kisses, the Valentines one :) The easter collection doesn't look as good as last years, I'll only get a few carrots to try and fluffy eggs ;)


    1. Well how could I not mention you it's ur blog that MADE me buy these haha! Your blog should come with a warning :p I like the valentine stuf but there wasn't really much in our lush its only a little one. I like the carrots haha and that bunny looks cute too. x

  2. I have never bought anything from lush... i know... shocking! what do you recommend i get first??
    new to blogging
    laura xo