Thursday, 15 March 2012

Girly Bath Time: Think Pink!

This one is for all the bath time lovers out there.
After a day at Uni or just a stressful day in general, for me there is nothing quite like running the bath, getting in and just washing all the shitty real world nonsense down the drain, with lots and lots and LOTS of bubbles! 
Since moving in to my own apartment which has an amazingly beautiful bathroom (best room in the flat) and a huge bath tub, bath time has quickly become my favourite time of the day. Before hand, I was always a shower girl but not no more!

So I thought I'd share my new love with the girls and do a post on one of my fave Lush bath bombs, Think Pink. 



As you can see, the bomb turns the water a gorgeous pinky colour which wraps your whole body in girlishness and all other kinds of feminine delight. It smells outstandingly beautiful and sweet, it really is one of my faves. 

First dip

Explodes with pretty pink confetti hearts!

So there you have it, a pretty pink Lush bomb that if you are like me, a girly bundle of fluff, you will love. 
I must mention also that this bomb is on the cheaper end of the Lush bomb price scale at £2.45
You can purchase it here... Linky Link, or in your fave local Lush store. I adore Lush Bolton, they are always so helpful and friendly. I find sometimes people can try to force purchases on to you, and that is when I will not buy anything even if there is something I want. I really can't stand the force that comes from some shops/cosmetic counters. But with Lush I find they ask you if you need anything, they make them selves available to you and approachable, but if you say you don't need help or you are just having a look, they will leave you to your own devices, which I love. 

I'll leave you with two more pretty pictures of my water...

I reeeeeally didn't want to let the water out! 

So I hope everyone is well and also please leave any Lush suggestions below in the comments box, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. This is one of my favourite Lush products, I love how pink and girly it is and it smells gorgeous. Your bath looks huge btw - I'm rather jealous x

    1. It sure does! & My bath is great, it's my best friend till my water bill comes haha!! x