Thursday, 2 February 2012

Nail of The Day: Konad

 Sorry for the extremely poor lighting. I'm visiting my parents and left it a little too late to take pics really. I may try and catch a good light tomorrow and do another little post. However I will probably change the design by the afternoon! I'm going through a little nail obsession a the minuet.

For this I used...

Konad M74 plate 
(I think) I will confirm this tomorrow, the plate is down stairs and I don't want to wake my parents!
W7-Pink Passion
Unbranded Silver
Andrea Fulerton - GemStone Over Coat

The GemStone polish is by far my most favourite polish I have ever had as I've said before. 
Basically the same as GOSH, Rainbow that was discontinued. This is always out of stock, so if they still have it I am gonna stock up

Separate post coming soon on the Konad plate as I am going to stock up on a few plates and do one big messy post with a few different designs for you all to feast your eyes on! - I think I've used about 30 different polishes today before I settled on this design. My cuticles are a right mess!

Hope you like this design and I hope you look forward to seeing more in the future!

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  1. I have the konad nail art set but I just can't get it to work :D