Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Primark Lashes!

- I apologise for the awful pouty pics btw haha!- 
WOW. So the week before Christmas, as I was casually browsing in Primark I came across an entire wall of lashes! My prayers had been answered. I love lashes but I think the prices are disgusting as in my experience lashes don't last very long. It may be me but hey, everyone is different and for me they aren't worth dishing out the best part of a tenner for, when I can put the money towards something I wear in my make up bag more regularly. (I don't wear lashes every day, just when I feel a bit glam.)

They had quite a few different styles but instead of waiting in the huge huge line I decided to get some the next time I went in. Yeah right, the next time I went in they were gone! I should have known at only one tiny pound a piece!

It wasn't till last week whilst waiting at the tills that I noticed a bowl of them out the corner of my eye, so I picked the fluffiest longest pair there was and now I can't find them at all in the shop. Primark please, please, please stock more! I wish I had picked more of the styles up now.

Have any of you seen or tried their lashes? I really can't believe the quality for the price so I hope they get more in soon!


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  2. Yup! I understand how you felt! Hate when shops don't restock luckily my nearby primark always has false lashes and I love these!