Monday, 23 January 2012

Kardashian Clear Cube.

Like many lovely ladies of our generation, I have nothing but love for the Kardashians. Particularly Khloe and Kourtney. They broadcast their lives on our screens along with their flawless beauty.

Now I may never be as beautiful or as slimline as the gorgeous sisters, and I certainly can not afford a clear cube however I do have an alternative that when I close my eyes, (So I can't see the mirror aha) makes me feel a little more Glamorous! Kardashian Style.

Well lately I have been noticing quite a few tweets about the clear cube and requesting any cheaper alternatives. I have the answer... as my obsession progressed with everything KK mid last year, I found myself on a major hunt for this clear plastic box I saw Kourtney playing with.. I found it... and nearly passed out. ;D I don't know why I never thought to post about it previously to be honest.

I went on a mass search for acrylic draws and found nothing but crap. I nearly purchased some from Amazon, from Ryman. I then later saw them in the shop and thanked my lucky stars I found the draws I came to own as they were TINY.

I found my draws on MUJI, just as I was about to resign myself to painting a wooden box white from IKEA, closing my eyes and pretending it was the clear cube. I was devastated. Sad I know. But anyway, I found my very nearly dream make up storage system on MUJI and I have never looked back!

I don't have any pictures on me at the moment as I am visiting my parents for the weekend and forgot my camera back at my flat. (Silly me) However I WILL post pictures around Tuesday ISH, if my Internet is installed without bother. I may also post a beauty storage/collection if you are interested? Let me know below. :)

Here is a picture from the website though.

As I say, they look great stacked - I have four up to now.

So. If you have been searching, like many others, for an alternative to the clear cube then I suggest you hop over to HERE and then click HERE so you can purchase your Kardashiesque Mujified answer to the Clear Cube. The even bigger bonus is that it comes at a fraction price of the clear cube, which is may I add... way too many hundreds than I care to part with!

I bought the WIDE draws, I bought two sets and they stack nicely on top of each other, they do not slide as they kinda slot in each other very nicely so they are sturdy... that is one worry I did have when ordering. In America I do believe they do 3 draws but here they only do 2 draws? So I bought two, two draws and stacked them. You can also get them in singles too and with the lift top lid like the clear cube. First time round I didn't get the lifty lid however I am now thinking about it... if I decide to move my perfumes somewhere else instead of stacking them on top. - The depth of the draws aren't as deep as the clear cube but in my opinion are more than deep enough. You could probably stack two or three? Naked palettes in a draw. I stack my pallets in the top draw and I fit approx 2 FCUK and a Sleek on top of each other. You will see in more detail when I post pics.

The wide two draws are £10.95 and the wide two draw with the lifty lid are £11.50. Like I said - a fraction of the price but no less classy! They look beautiful - I've had comments on my storage, on how nice it looks, but also how sad I am for having draws where specific items go. But oh well haha!

I hope this has been useful to any of you KK lovers out there, or even anyone who just wants a nice sophisticated, beautiful and practical way of storing their make up.

Pictures of mine, as I said, are to follow. Sorry again!

I hope you all are well and I look forward to posting regularly again once my Internet is activated on Tuesday!

Much Loooove!


  1. ooo, I saw these on the Kardashians too. So clever! x

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they! I will post mine later, thanks for reading x