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A Liz Earle Experience & Haul.

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For the first time in probably forever - I am going to get straight down to the point of this post! It certainly deserves a whole post dedicated just to it's self. It's self being the brand we know as Liz Earle, and if you didn't know - you do now and you certainly will do when I am finished! I shall warn you too that this will most likely be a long one as I have quite a bit to say.

I've been putting this post off now for approx two weeks, simply because I feel I really need to do this company justice. Not just for their products but for the whole package they offer. From their website right down to their packaging. It is only because tonight I have been on a well deserved night out with a very good friend of mine and found my self practically ramming my new products down her throat telling her she MUST try them for a good 45 minutes ha! (I think she was a little bit scared!)

Anyway, I also now find it quite shocking that I haven't taken better care of my skin in the past, and it's something I do highly regret. I've always been a make up lover but it is only since being involved in the blogging world that I took notice of just how important it is to look after your skin and what a difference it makes when it comes to applying make up and the durability of it throughout the day/night. - It just shows how powerful we all are as a community!

I've always had the basic tools for removing make up but never really thought about nourishing my skin etc or spending too much money on skin care as it has always gone on make up. However after trying out a few different products and not really being that enthused with them or after them breaking me out or burning my skin or giving me rashes, after a serious bout of terribly oily skin I decided enough was enough and took my money away from the ram packed shelves of superdrug and boots and set my sights on a higher end brand. I was at a point where I thought my skin would just be crap forever so I had nothing more to lose and thought I would have one last stab at sorting my oily drenched spotty chops out. (make up was literally sliding off my face.)

After an in depth discussion with my man, should I or shouldn't I? And after him telling me no, I could put my money to better use, not just throw it away on stuff you slap on your skin - I ordered it anyway. (ha) And I can honestly say I am SO glad I didn't listen to him because I can picture it in my head now, me crying into my Christmas stocking because I look like I've been apple bobbing in chip fat. I ordered on the Monday with Priority delivery so it would be here in time for Christmas (£4.50, 2- 3 days) and my order arrived on the Wednesday.

When I opened my order I couldn't believe my eyes, the attention to detail with the wrapping was beautiful. I felt as if I was being naughty opening my Christmas presents early! My package included a lovely letter thanking me for ordering with Liz Earle for the first time and a little Christmassy message and complimentary surprise! (Which was a generous 50ml bottle of their skin tonic!)

And also as my order came to over £70 I received a free Christmas gift which included travel sized products, including a cleanse & polish, skin tonic, face moisturiser, body moisturising cream, body wash and a muslin cloth. Pictured below...

Here are the goodies all together after opening them all... Not including the Cleanse and Polish I bought for my Mum, or my dry hair conditioner.

I can honestly guarantee that if you do decide to splurge and stray from the promises the high-street skin care brands feed you then you will not regret it. Liz Earle do deliver, their packaging is pretty and elegant but that is not all it is, it is a natural way to bring your beauty to life. YES the products are more expensive than the products you find in Boots etc BUT they work. There will be no more trying this trying that, searching for the wonder product, that for me does not exist for £2.50. You get what you pay for and that is nothing less than brilliance. As a whole, I can not speak highly enough of this brand and I am not easily pleased. Liz Earle, if you are reading, from first use I could tell a difference. You have won me over and gained a customer for life. Thank you to you and your team for your excellent products and just as brilliant customer service. 10/10.

I will post individual reviews on my purchases in the near future. The deep cleansing mask is amazing on my oily skin and I will talk more about it in later posts. But for now, if you like you can go to the website and take the on-line skin consultation to see which products are best suited to you here. There is also an offer on at the moment for you to get the three daily essentials your skin needs for £41.00 throughout January, with free delivery plus a complimentary body wash worth over £11. You can read more about that here.

I am also looking forward to eventually trying the new hair treatment for very dry hair! Since I had a mysterious reaction to a hair dye and was left with a mop of falling out chewing gum.

So all in all, I know I have rambled on so I best let you go now and save it for separate reviews as this is long enough and you have probably all fallen asleep before you got this far anyway. If you did get this far... WELL DONE! :D And thank you for baring with me! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend relaxing after normal life has resumed!

Much Love...

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