Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My First Lush Experience.

I know to many of you this will sound shameful but yes... I had never tried Lush, until a recent shopping trip.
I have lusted over their website many a time but never placed an order and I had never been in a Lush shop till the other week. I knew Leeds had one but couldn't find it when I looked and I didn't know Bolton had one as it is tucked away upstairs in the mall, a long with our teeny tiny starbucks!

Since I've never tried Lush before I thought I would start small, even though I wanted to buy the majority of the shop. (Their moisturiser is amazing,I just can't afford it.) Especially since its Christmas, with all their pretty festive treats and ahmaaazing gift boxes! I've always wanted to try their lip scrub out too but they didn't have any at the time :(

Here is what I purchased...

Obviously the bloo toilet block and the onedirection album with harry styles pretty face on it, is not from Lush, but they were from the same shopping trip so why not share? Haha.

I love 1D and I am not ashamed! :D

So I purchased the cute as hell snowman bath melt which was £1.95 and smells just like Marzipan! Mmmm.
And the toothy tabs which were £2.50.
And after umming and arrrring for eternity over the Henna Hair dye, the shop assistant, who was VERY helpful and informative, gave me a sample to take home and try before buying a full block, of what can only be described as poo. It looks like dried cow plop but gives amazing results. It consists of cocoa butter and henna so is all natural and very conditioning to your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. I haven't used mine yet but I know someone who has and it looks fabulous. Not so much whilst the mixture is on your head though haha.

As well as my first lush experience I also experienced my first frappachino from starbucks MMMMM Strawberries and cream!
Do any of you have and particular recommendations for Lush? I'd love to try out more products from there  they are amazing!

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  1. Next time you have to try something from the snow fairy range, yumm!