Friday, 26 August 2011

Eye Make Up Remover: Simple vs Asda

I know I'm not the only when when it comes to having problems with eye make up removers, even the sensitive formulas hurt my eyes sometimes. I have no idea why all of a sudden say in the past year and a half my eyes have become super sensitive, not only to removers but also to some eyeliners and shadow too. Which is a complete pain in the arse if I am honest.

This post will mostly reach out to those with similar issues with their eyes as me but really it is for anyone, as if it's a good remover, its just a good remover to the person blessed with normal eyes that don't hate them!

I thought I would do a little comparison since I was running out of my 'Simple remover' I told my Mum and she came home the next day with an Asda eye make up remover for me to try as it was only 99p. Sensitive for young skin... NOT. I don't care how sensitive the product is, the time spent scrubbing is what does the damage.

I slapped what I would have on my eyes on my hand like so...

And here, with the two removers.

I thought it would be easier for you to see if I do it like this rather than on my actual eyes.

I then took two cotton pads and gave a good swipe and here are the results below.

As you can see, the simple took the eye liner and all the eye shadows away in one and just left some mascara behind.

The Asda one left most of the liner and some of the eye shadow and the mascara behind and just splodged it about a bit to leave a nice black stain. Which is what happened on my eyes... it wasn't pretty I looked like I had been in the ring.

So the moral of the story is... simple makes it simple!

You can get the simple eye make up remover from many places but in particular right now it is in super drug at £1.19 for 50ml! Love it!


  1. Really helpful post - I usually cheat with a face-wipe when it comes to mascara removal but this simple one looks quite good. I love the new look of the blog too :) x

  2. thanks for this useful post,katie!

  3. SQUEAKY CLEAN! thanks so much for this post! haha
    i love your blog!
    we should Follow eachother!

  4. For 20p it seems the Simple eye remover is definitly worth it. I've never needed to use eye remover before because I have found the usual cleansers do the trick ok. But, I recently bought a new mascara and it is a pain to clean off. I like Simple products so will try this.


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