Thursday, 2 June 2011

Update: StarGazer eye dusts!

Since posting my eye of the day using stargazer I've had a few of you email or comment that you'd like some of this stuff... as I said I didn't know if they did the colours anymore as I couldn't find them.

If you haven't seen the post you can view it here.

Sooo I went on a little cyber mission and I found these!! They don't have the whole load of colours but they have some of the nicest ones and for only £2.15 with FREE p&p! I think I shall be splurging a little someday soon..

As they don't have all the colours I decided to contact Stargazer directly as on their website the numbers of the colours I used are different colours, I emailed asking if they had been discontinued or just had the numbers changed? I received a speedy email back today to inform the the numbers haven't changed just the pictures on the website are wrong and she said 'as a company it is something we are working on' hmmm. So thank you SG for getting back to me so quickly! - I told you lot I WOULD finds the bloody things! & I have just for you darlings who wanted them.

You can see the full range of eye dusts by clicking this link, there are 48 on their website priced at £3.00 which I think is an amazing price for the quality and pure beauty of the product, they also do glitter dusts but not in so many colours. Some of these are amazing, I want most of them haha!

If you do decide to purchase any let me know and tell me which colours too, I'd be excited to see what you create with them!

Love to you all and a special hello to my new followers, much appreciated! <3

Katie xoxoxo

P.s, absolutely nothing to do with SG but seriously... WTH, I'm addicted to Iron Brew, I can not believe I have been missing out on this beautiful burst of.. errm :/ Iron? For almost 23 years!!! Shame on me!!!


  1. irn bru - amazing. and i dont wear eye dust often, but the stargaze colours are incredible!

  2. yeah its sooooo good! I can't believe I've been missing out on it! I'm so fussy haha.

    Yeah I'm not really a fan of dusts, since barry m put me off tbh, caking my face in un removable glitter haha. But these are amazing, they are so versatile. You can just apply with your fingers and it doesnt create a mass glitter storm down your face! xxx