Sunday, 29 May 2011


Hellooooo thereeeee.

I know it is a little late for an eye of the day since it's like... well... 10.35 PM here but for some readers it may still be day time soooo ;p

Anyway, VERY simple eye today, I have just gone dark on the old mop again so I have gone a little smoky/dark eye crazy. I just LOVE dark hair and gradual smoky eyes! So sexyyy! I will be doing a post about my new hair soon anyway, review the dye etc. I'm gonna stop rambling and get down to business. I always do this sorry. So annoying!

Amaaazing product that is cheapy cheap for you lot! Stargazer eye dusts! So so easy to use, so simple to blend. It's like the perfect product for anyones makeup bag, even the beginner, the begginerest of beginners! I don't even use a brush or applicator with these, I just use my finger its that simple.


I first applied a simple light brown base, then applied my first colour which is the '23' pot, all over my lid and just blended the excess up my socket, then I took the tiniest bit of '20' and dabbed it over the '23' staying on the lid and DONE. I added a teeny bit of a hi light, mascara and I was done. So so simple and I think it looks beaut.

I got these dusts from newlook, I don't know if they still do them but I have seen these knocking about online for a few pounds, ebay have them cheaper I think, I am going to have a look and invest in some more! Great stuff and so simple. I'd also like to add quickly that you hardly need any product at all, for my swatches I just used a light sweep from round the edge of the pot where it screws in!

Hope you love it!

Katie xoxox


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I still need to get my hands on some Star Gazer!! I love shimmery glittery shades and these look so lovely!!

    BTW you have the same name as me, so hello name buddy!

    Kitty xo

  2. Awww thank you lovely, I'm currently searching like the wholllleeee internet so I can post a link for people to buy. I can't find my colours, the site ive found has all the numbers but mine :s I got mine for 50p in newlook in a sale so I hope they aren't discontinued. I've had them ages can't believe I've neglected them for so long!

    Name buddyyyyy! lol. Katie spost to me a common name but I don't know anyone else part from you! lol x

  3. That sucks, I wonder if maybe they did discontinue these colours? I hope not, they are very lovely!! I shall check out New Look as soon as I can!

    And haha yeeaah, I have heard that too, but I only know you and my cousin Katie!!

    Kitty xo

  4. I hope not too :(

    I shall keep looking for the good of the readers haha! Deffo gonna get some other colours though. x

  5. oh wow really beautiful eye shadow!

  6. Just come across you're blog it's great! And this eyeshadow is AMAZING!! Need to find this!


  7. Aww thank you, I am now on a mission to find these for you lot and have emailed them, just hoping for a reply and that they aren't discontinued!x

  8. This is so pretty :) i really like it x