Sunday, 29 May 2011

#bbloggers twitter chat. Pretty inspirational!

So I've just experienced my first bbloggers on twitter, I JUST missed out last week but still managed to find some lovely bloggers to have a browse at and chat with over twitter during the aftermath and the same again today.

This weeks topic was on promoting your own blog which I think is an amazing subject especially for people like me who are just starting out and who are just getting into the swing of blogging. It can be quite intimidating at times since there are SO many of us doing the same thing, I thought it would be a challenge to really stand out. I found myself at first looking at other peoples blogs for ideas rather than putting my own self across but now I'm slowly learning that its ok to be me on here and put myself out there otherwise I really would just become 'just another beauty blogger' on the Internet.

I also have come to realise that its not just about getting the followers, even though it is nice to see the numbers go up, its about reaching out to the ones you do have and then in turn they will come naturally. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who do follow me, you'll never know how grateful I am and how amazed I am at the fact I have more than one person in this huuuuge world of blogging who want to know what I have to say! So thank you!!!!

Tonight a lot of people have mentioned networking and to be honest, since using twitter it has really helped me to connect with my blog and other people ofc, especially through bbloggers chat. I think no matter how experienced you are in this world there is always someone out there who has some light to shed for you. It's just down to you if you take it or not. I certainly have taken bbloggers and have run with it, there are so so many inspirational people out there, we are all different!

So if you haven't heared of #bbloggers then I would strongly recommend it. Search it on twitter and have a read through if you wish, there are some seriously inspirational ideas out there for us all. :)

I've also realised drinking tea is quite common in the bblog world, I'm a coffee drinker, I feel kinda left out haha. So I'm gonna immediately go get myself a cup of tea, give it a try and work on another post for you lot to sink into. :p

Also just like to add that I haven't posted this week since Monday as I've been really busy, plus had virus on the laptop due to being naughty and trying to watch pretty little liars online. Serves me right, but shhh :D

Hope you're all good!

Katie xoxox


  1. Woo! You got this post up quick! Lol, I agree with you, it can be intimidating at times. I know when I was a newbie...well I still feel that way although I've been blogging for almost 2yrs now. I figured what would make my beauty blog interesting for others to read when there are SO many out there. When I stopped blogging for others, and blogged about things that I like, and that are interesting to me, things started to flow better. Any who, it's me GlamNoLabelz from the bbloggers chat :)
    Ps. I love Tea &

  2. I really like the #bbloggers tweets. I have made a few friends out of it, after only 3 weeks! I have to say, for me blogging is a learning and work in progress, but I think the quote that inspired me most is: "Your blog is your little space out of the internet. Do what you want to do!" Sorry, I don't know who said that, I think it was from last week #bbloggers, but it talked to me quite a lot. Especially when I started blogging because all my friends, roommates and work coleagues were guys, in a new country I needed to talk about girly stuff!! So for me blogging is just that, but having people following and responding on posts is amazing!

    Also, you are not alone re: coffee: I love coffee! I can drink tea as well, but my heart belongs to coffee!

  3. I've just written a massive reply and my internet went down AGAIN. I sweaaaar I'm gonna flip my lid tonight haha, first my blackberry went down during bbloggers and now I've had nothing but trouble since trying to blog!!

    Ashley: You are SO right, I do nothing but ramble on and I do think I need to cut the rambles out a little but it makes it so much easier and enjoyable to post, before when I was trying to add all this structure etc and be like everyone else, especially in reviews it was more like a chore. What did it for me was probably the E.L.F eye palette, I was so naffed off with it I thought stuff it and just let rip without trying to sound all 'proper' and pro, I think the people who try too hard are the ones who are in it for the freebies but tbh, if I got free things to review that would be great but it wouldn't change the way I blog. I think its too easy to spot the blogs that are begging now. (see im rambling going on a tangent again ahah)

    MsBubu: It's nice that you have made some friends I hope you will count me in on that, that quote is very true also, thank you for that! I bet it was seriously hard coming from another country never mind being in that situation surrounded by men! I know its not the same at all but I don't really have friends round me who like beauty as much as I do, for me if I'm stressed the first thing I reach for is my makeup bag and camera or a face pack and nail polishes! If I have the money I like to go out buy a new makeup bag and fill it, its so soothing haha. But everyones diff so you are right its nice to have you own space to be YOU and if you meet people like you thats just an added bonus!

    Coffe will always be my number one, but I think I might have to venture into the world of tea a little, might make me feel a bit pro, might even invest in a tea cup haha!

    Tea is so bad for me, I need like a tub of sweetner and a pack of rich tea biscuits with it hhahah! xxx Thank you for the responses, lovely to read! xxx