Monday, 23 May 2011

Are you ready to take the pledge?

Hey beautifuls,

I have just come across something which I find seriously sweet and touching.

The kind hearted blogger campaign.

It was thought up by a blogger who has been subjected to some lets say not so nice behaviour through blogging and as she explains in her post, this put her off blogging for a while.
In my opinion it is quite sickening to think someone was made to feel that way.

Internet bullying is very real and sometimes very hurtful. I have never been victim of bullying online but I do have a friend who was cruelly abused via Facebook as he has asperges syndrome. To cut a long story short he was receiving hate mail from people and a 'girl' pretending to be in love with him. 'She' broke his heart. My heart also broke when I found this out, it really pains me that such people exist and walk our earth which could be such a beautiful place.

Anyway, I have taken the pledge to be a kind hearted blogger and spread the love! I like to think I have a kind heart. Such things that people don't appreciate in today's society make my days. The littlest things like the other day I helped a little elderly man in Morrison's reach for some oranges and a lady in Sainsbrys stopped to ask if I have a Nectar card as she and her husband don't so she gave me the points she would have earned. Things like this shouldn't really fill a persons heart with joy because it should be the norm. But unfortunately our world can be a cruel place sometimes, so as you can imagine in the beauty world it can maybe get a little shallow.

The pledge also includes a no competing with other bloggers section. Which I LOVE as to me us beauty bloggers should all pull together and be friends, we all share a common passion so why not use it to create a beautiful friendly community?

You can read more about the pledge here, and I hope to be seeing more of the little pledge buttons on peoples blogs. Lets take a stand! :)

Buckets of love,

Katie xoxo

I will leave you with a picture that no matter how sad or low I feel never fails to make me smile!



  1. I really liked reading it, if you can say that. Internet bullying is so wrong. I support the kind hearted blogger campaign.

  2. Aww! This is an amazing pledge.
    By the way, I'm following you :)