Saturday, 21 May 2011

Quick Nail of The Day!

Simple nail, easy to do and looks beaut.
Good if you are in a rush but don't want to be boring!
Just pick two colours you love, I like colours that clash with each other usually.
Paint the stripes, let them dry, apply crackle coat, then a topcoat if you wish.

You can even mix and match, you can experiment with the direction the colours go in, add more colours, anything. Simple yet limitless!

Also great because you don't have to be precise, you can just slap it on and away you go! But if you want to spruce it up you can always add a glitter top coat!

Hope you are all having a wonderful dooms day ;D xxx


  1. Love it, looks really effective.

    Sadie xx

  2. Thank you :) gonna start more Notd's x

  3. Your nails look very pretty :) Lovely blog, I'm following xxx

  4. i love this! looks gorgeous