Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oh Pooo! :/

Literally! I look like a floaty ploppy in the loo!

Serious fake tan FAIL!

I've always used StTropez & Loved it however cash is strapped at the moment so I thought I would try out an alternative...


I got the spray tan in 'fair to medium' as I've seen people on Facebook talking about their tan and that they are about to 'stmoritz' their bods so I thought it may be good? So far NOT so good! I can't really complain for three pounds and it may look OK after another bath but up to now I wouldn't be seen dead in public looking like someone who's painted herself with dulux.

Also... as I sprayed it on my body it was like water it just ran everywhere so I had to try and catch it and rub it in! It also went all over my mothers lovely cream bathroom so I've spent ages scrubbing it with flash and even that hasn't budged it from my hands.. nor has the lemon aha!!!!

Least its good for a laugh. Something I'm in much need of after the weekend/start to the week I have had!!

I'll keep you posted on my mission to de orangalize myself!!

Oh dear! I can't help but laugh ahhaha.


  1. Oh dear lol this made me giggle!
    I've used St.Moritz before and it went on ok, but I used the fair and as a mousse - the spray doesn't sound too fantastic lol
    Good luck with de-oranging - I'm afraid I don't know any remedies for that :) x

  2. I'm glad someone else finds it funny haha!

    My Dad keeps calling me Merci from eastenders because I actually was just black! I can't imagine what the dark on is like!!
    He came in from work & said in the style of fat boy... ''HEY BABI GURL U BIN TINGOED'' haha :(

    I think I may try the mouse next! In extremly fair!

  3. haha! Deffo try the mousse! I use it and I love it. It goes on really well with a mit too. Takes a bit of trouble getting off aswell tho and I am now a bit patchy but it's not too noticeable thankgod lol. xxx

  4. Oh god... I dunno if I dare. I've been out with friends and everyones just laughed lmao. My new nicknames oscar cos I supposadly look like the trophy:/

    I've actually had neat bleach on my hands this afternoon BURNING. (Which I would NOT advise anyone to do!!)

    In the end I've gona over my patchy self with gosh instant wash off and resigned myself to my fate... looking like an idiot. I made my grandma pay for my things in town so I didn't have to show my hands when handing money over haha! The shame... I daren't try it now :'( It stains!!!!
    Total nightmare!xxx