Wednesday, 20 April 2011

'Tan' Update!

If you have read my previous post I had a little rant about my stupid mission to save the pennies by using a three pound fake tan! (St Moriz) From the picture you may notice it didn't go too well...

SO, after three long soaks in the bath and scrubbing my self with Lemon Juice, Polish Remover and Flash Fabreeze (The pink one mmm) AND the bath as it was just ORANGE, I can now say proudly, with my head held high... it failed. Seriously I should write to St Tropez, they need some tips from St Moriz cos this stuff sticks!!! If it wasn't orange I'd love it haha.

Most of my face & body is OK - ish now and quite a nice colour, however my hands still resemble an umpalumpas back end and they are also extremely shiny as odd as that maybe be. Bad times :/... I have to go into town in the morning too for my Mum a hair dye!! Gonna say my prayers and pray for snow in the morning so I can wear a nice thick pair of gloves!!

I may try their mouse next month when this has (hopefully) worn off, I will be prepared with gloves!!! I don't like tanning mits, I find they just wipe it straight back off and soak up most of the product, so I best get stocked up on the latex hadn't I ladies! :D

I may post pictures of the current state tomorrow.

Much Love,


xxx <3 xxx

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