Thursday, 31 March 2011

Water Marbling

Just found these pictures of when I first started going mad on nail stuff.. My first attempt hahaha that's all I can say!

You need a cup/bowl (something round) filled with room temp water. A pin and diff coloured polishes. Drop them in the water one drop on top of the other then they will expand and form a circle on top of the water stick the pin through the polish and drag it round to form swirls & patterns then dip your nails in and take away the rest of the polish with the pin so it doesn't merge over the pattern allover your nails and cause a big mess when you take your hand away... also make sure you leave your nails in the water a good few secs too. You have to be quite quick though before it dries on the water like a film.

Can be quite tricky at first to grasp but keep going and you'll get the hang of it eventually if you keep at it :)

First attempt :/ hahah ^

Then I kinda got the hang of it.. Bit messy though ahha. (Now I wrap my finger in tape round the nail so it doesn't take so long getting it off the skin!)

(first attempt at acrylics :p, marbled over the to when I got bored)

First attempt at colour acrylic. ^
I love these! :)


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  1. OMG. I was scrolling through your blog and the first picture of this post caught my eye. I thought you were showing a pic of some horrible accident!

    Glad I reread it though. I was wondering how people were doing the marble nails.