Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Hair Care Must Haves!

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor & Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor

I never really needed to do anything to my hair in regard to conditioning etc up until I went Blond.
I went from black to blond but I was quite sensible about it. I did it gradually but that was purely because...

1. My Mums a hairdresser and she would have killed me if I had just blitzed my hair with bleach!
2. I'm a big chicken when it comes to messing with my hair!

I took my time and gradually got there however I don't think anyone can go from black to blond without incurring some damage at least. To cut a long story short my hair was like cotton wool even after doing it gradually... (bad times!!)

I invested in Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Reconstructor and I can honestly say I have never looked back and I doubt I ever will. This product literally saved my hair and I recommend it to anyone with damage.

Its not just for blond hair it's for all hair colours so don't be deceived by the name.
It can be used as a hair treatment or just an every day conditioner, I use it for both.

It is quite pricey at approx £10 for 200ml, I buy mine in 750ml tween sets, its around £26 in salons? But I get mine from the hair warehouse where I live. However whatever the price it is 1000% worth every penny in my opinion. 
My hair felt a lot better even after day one, I remember saying to my mum I thought it made my hair feel 'hard' she said ''No love its just what hair is supposed to feel like'' haha.. ( I was used to a bush of wool on my head)

Oh and it smells AMAZING!!! (Like all Bed Head Products! )

100% - 10 out of 10 in my book.

Vitapointe Leave In hair Conditioner -50 ml
Morrisons - £1 (Offer)

I use this now and again, my Mum told me to get it after my hair reacted with the bleach when having my roots done. Luckily just the underneath was affected the worst. My hair basically melted and I only realized because the foils burnt my neck when I went to stand up :/ My mum just ripped it all off my head (it had only been on ten mins) Of course I was left with multi coloured orange roots on top as it had only been on a matter of minuets... I left it a week or so and walked round like id been wazzed on by a traffic cone then decided to buy a toner... I should have known not to use said brand but I was stupid/in a rush so picked up the closest that would tone out orangey tones. My hair was fine for a few days but when I washed it the so called permanent colour washed straight out of my hair and left most of it lifeless, brittle and well falling out... I dunno. I cried for ages anyway because I loved being blond and it took so much time, money and effort!! One toner ended it all. :'( - Well I tried all sorts, nothing worked so I decided I had no choice but to change colour. I went Red (love it now) but my hair was still incredibly damaged...

I saw the Vitapointe in Morrison's on offer so I bought a few tubes. You're supposed to use a pearl sized amount but I just slapped the whole tube on my head (dry hair) before bed and slept in it. It is like pure grease and oil on your hair its disgusting. Next morning it took approx 3 washes to get the grease out but my hair was SO much better I couldn't believe it.

I searched the Internet and couldn't really find much on Vitapointe, not even on YouTube, I did find though that its seen as 'an old lady product'???apparently anyway, probably because its so cheap and has been around for years!

It just goes to show you don't have to spend spend spend to find something that works just as good if not better than many of the top brands, especially the rival brands in supermarkets that seem to the hiking their prices up as of late!

So if any of you suffer from damaged hair and have spent countless £££/$$$'s on products that promise amazing results but in reality don't really do anything I do recommend these two as they have both worked wonders for me.
I put both these on here together as I thought it would be good to show examples of brilliant products from both ends of the price spectrum and hopefully my terrible experiences with my hair can help some of you going through the same thing even if you have a limited budget or not.


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