Friday, 1 April 2011

Skin Perfecting Foundation?

Boots 17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation SPF12- £5.69

Skin perfection? More like skin poofection!!!

Today I spent quite some time in Boots checking out foundations on the cheaper side. I initially set out to get the Ruby&Millie Liquid Base to try but was informed they now only do it in the larger stores. I thought Bolton's main Boots was classed as a large store as they sell most of the big names but heyho...

So yeah, I tried many, many foundations and came across, 17. 
I have never used anything from 17 before apart from a clear top coat and a bronzer before so I tested most and found the skin perfecting to be quite matte and quite thick in consistency... I need full coverage so I thought this would be ideal. After testing it several times I decided to go for it, going off the tester it seemed good quality for the money...

Too good to be true?


I find it's not that thick after all and after applying it to my face well it seemed to rub off as quick as it rubbed on, even though it claims to last up to twelve whole hours!!! Also to add insult to injury it is NOT shine free as it claims on the shelf! I feel totally robbed even though I only paid £5 for it. I haven't had it on half an hour and my skin looks chalky, dull but oily in places. 
 I'm going to try it with my primer underneath but if all fails it's going in the bin. :( Now wish I had saved the money and caught the train to Manchester to get my Ruby&Millie haha.

Disappointed. Total waste of money!
Would not recommend.



  1. Good review, unfortunate the product wasn't all that great. I'll definitely be staying away from this one, so thanks for the warning. :)

  2. Thank you for the comment & follow. :)
    Was so dissapointed, I find it hard to find foundations. What really made me mad was the tester was brilliant!!!
    I just use it if I'm messing with diff looks now and don't wanna use my regular. :( x