Sunday, 15 May 2011

Matte Nails!

This post is a little late, I've had the E.l.f Matte Topcoat for approx 2 weeks now, however illness and University work has kinda gotten in the way, but I'm almost better now, well enough to get out of bed anyway.

So here we go, I'm gonna try not to ramble on too much as I always do!! :D

Above is the E.l.f Matte Nail Polish - £1.50
You can buy it here.

This is the one product I just couldn't wait for, I'm a big fan of matte and just pure colours the majority of the time on my nails.

I absolutely LOVE this, however it doesn't work with all colours it can make some colours look just plain dull to be honest, so if you are up for a little experimenting then this is deffo for you.

I did wonder how on earth it would work but when it arrived I realised it really is just a cloudy top coat.
You also don't need much product at all, in fact if you use a lot it can actually ruin your nails.
There was only really two down sides for me, one is that it takes a little longer to dry than I'm used to, but bare in mind I am not the most patient of people I like things done yesterday lol. Two would be that the matte effect seems to show everything up on your nails so it would be a good idea to buff before applying. You can see the lines down your nails otherwise etc
The pictures below are not the best in quality as I did lose my camera charger but I will take some more pictures with some other colours and brands later on and post some more examples hopefully in better quality too!

Left to right with the matte coat over the top of MANGO MADNESS by E.l.f  & BUBBLEGUM PINK by E.l.f.

Here is my No7 Midnight (I think) with the coat just on the tip so you can see the contrast when its dry, it really is quite drastic. Then E.l.f's SMOKY BROWN, One with the top coat and one with out!

Hope this has been helpful in regard to matte top coat, I'm glad I got it and I'm looking forward to experimenting further with it now I'm well again. Keep a look out for better pictures and more colours coming soon! And again I apologise in the lack of and delays of posts recently.

Much Love,

Katie xoxox

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