Sunday, 1 May 2011

E.l.f Haul. (Finally)

Hiya everyoneeeeeee!

Firstly I would like to welcome my new followers and thank you for following! Also thank you to my followers that have stuck with me haha! :D - I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter/Bank Hols/Royal Wed & have been enjoying the glorious sun!

I know I posted a while ago now about what I had ordered however three-ish things have delayed my posts... one being the bank hols, it took longer for my products to reach my eager arms, my boyfriend had been here Mon-Fri, I didn't want to be rude and bore him to death with cosmetics lol & of course the best excuse till last.......... my laptop has died a death!!! :@ :'( So upset as I have to also write an essay on Stress, Adult transitions and bereavement for the 10th. :'( Hopefully it's just my charger that's decided to Royally piss me off and raise my blood pressure even more than it already is!

Anyway enough whinging (for now :p) and more E.l.falizing!

Soooo, here is the picture...

I was a little disappointed if I'm honest as the packaging came with scuffs, a bit of dust lol and some even had tears! I've never had this before so I was a little surprised but I'm not going to slate too much because of it since it did come in the post and nothing was wrong with the actual products themselves.

The picture is a bit rubbish too so I apologize for that, but I was using my mums camera and I haven't got the hang of her settings just yet.

Anyway, the palette at the back is the free everyday basics I got because I spent over £9 on that specific day I ordered. Below from left to right is the Studio blush I bought in 'Blushing Rose', that was £3.50, then the Corrective Concealer palette, also £3.50 from the Studio line. Finally down the bottom and again left to right nail polishes in.. Mango Madness, Matte topcoat (which I couldn't wait for), Smoky Brown, Gum Pink and Mod Mauve.

I haven't swatched anything but the blush yet though so expect another or individual posts for these items very soon!!

Thanks for reading,

Loooots of loveeeeee...

Katie :) xoxoxox

P.s Oh yeah, forgot to include a tan update... My hands and general body look 'OK' now however it's still going strong on my chest & neck.. I have patches all over my boobies and stomach though :/ I look fantastic! Never again!!! xxx


  1. Ooo do a post on the matte top coap please! :D I've been after one since forever but keep forgetting when I'm in the shops and Im sure I'd rather buy an E.L.F priced one if its good than No7 or something xx

  2. Great post - they are such good prices, deffo need to make an order soon! Looking forward to seeing the swatches x
    Ps. love how we are still getting fake tan updates too!