Saturday, 21 May 2011

E.l.f Pallette: Review

Everyday Basics Eyeshadow Collection.

  • Beautiful Browns and Neutrals
  • Nice simple packaging
  • Comes with a Mirror inside so good for traveling
  • Has a good dark black colour
  • It was free

  • The outcome isn't true to the colour in the palette
  • Package scratches easily
  • Flimsy plastic, if you bend the lid back a little too far you can hear the hinges cracking a little
  • Some of the pads are quite lose, if you apply pressure you can see and feel them wiggling about
  • Many of the colours are just too similar or in fact the same
  • Some look quite chalky when applied to the skin, especially the lighter shades
Swatchey Timeeeee  :)

 First 2 rows, they look amazing but they don't last long and to get this colour outcome I had to apply force! As you can see much of the browns are a reddy brown which just make my eyes look like I've been trying to pull them out.

Third row, greys, browns and silvers? They mostly look the same colour to me.

I do love the two silvers though! And the darkest black, even though it looks gun metal in the palette... it comes out BLACK, and the 'black' comes out grey.

These took a huge amount to apply some colour, again not too true either. The two first colours are barely visible, the two pale pinky colours.

On the whole:

I'm largely disappointed with this product, I got it free on offer, an offer I couldn't refuse. Luckily. I was going to buy this palette anyway, its original price is £9, I got it free for spending £10 before 12pm, I ordered because, 1, I was going to buy it anyway and 2, I wanted a huge load of things from e.l.f so I saw it as the perfect opportunity.

I'm so glad I didn't buy this with my own money. I am gutted as it is and that is when it is free never mind if I had dished out the majorly over priced nine pounds for this flimsy plastic piece of coloured talcum powder. I love E.l.f and I have heared they are pretty inconsistent with their products and up to now I haven't been able to comment on that, I had only ever had good experiences, but this product hints that they are correct. I know a few of you were eagerly awaiting this review and to be honest, I think that's the main reason I have been hesitant to write it because I was so disappointed in the product, I didn't want to disappoint you. But I'd rather write it than you get sick of waiting then just go out and buy it and be ten times as miffed as me as you'd have forked out 9 quid for the thing! Anyway, some of the colours I had to scratch to get any colour, some just look see through if you get what I mean by that. Also the applicator is diabolical it hurt my eyes! It seems for every strength I found, there was always an opposing negative and more! Not a happy shopper.

 I really don't like writing 'bad' reviews as it is however I will ALWAYS give my true honest opinion on a product no matter what the circumstances, free or not free, some of you may think I am being harsh because I didn't pay for the palette, but please remember I was going to if I hadn't have stumbled across this offer. So I'm taking an approach as if I had bought this as I would with any product, free or not free as that is what my blog is about, honest opinions for the good of my readers.

For me the quality shouldn't slip just because the price is cheap, it's not really being loyal to customers and beauty lovers if you are willing to dish out a product less than satisfactory. We are loyal to companies, the majority of people find a company or a certain group of companies they love and tend to stick with them. So why shouldn't the companies be loyal to us? I know I tend to stick to certain brands  anyway even though since starting this blog it has kind of helped me to branch out more and test new things. All in the name of you guys :D so thank you!

Anyway, I will leave you with a sum of my disappointment.

E.l.f, I love you dearly but I'm afraid this time you just didn't cut it for me my old pal, you did get one thing right though, this eyeshadow palette is exactly that... Basic.

Probably a 2 out of 5. I really couldn't put a solid number on it.

Crap, please avoid.


Katie xoxox

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