Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bracelets for charity

Hiya Lovies,

I just want to share these bracelets with you, my Mum bought me one and I love it so much, mine isn't actually listed at the moment but I will still show you for you to have an idea what they are like...

I love how it divides in to three separate straps with different things on them... one has silver disks which you can move about to where you want them, one has black jewel charms on and the other has the silver charms, one is a bow with a heart on it, a key hole heart and another black jewel in silver setting. I just like how it is different to what I see in the shops.

They are very different and I love pretty much all of them, and what's even better every penny goes to charity.

A charity very close to my heart. You can see the items on sale here.

The Prince of Wales Hospice (which you can also read more about if you wish to, here) is where my Mum's best friend died tragically after a heart breaking battle with cancer. She had breast cancer and beat it like the true fighter she was, she had both breasts removed and eventually reconstructed with tissue from her back so she could 'feel like a woman again'.
Sadly she later found after quite some time the cancer had spread and after a grueling battle in and out of hospital she was eventually taken to The Prince of Wales Hospice where she passed away. I never saw here in there as I was only 14 at the time and my Mum didn't want me to see someone I loved so much in such a state but my Mum was there till the very end and still to this day she contributes to the hospice because of the truly amazing work they do for many people and also did for Carol. Every year my Mum does the Starlight 10 mile walk to help raise money for them, as they do rely heavily on contributions from the community in order to function and provide the palliative care that so many people need.

I know in my heart, that without places like these many sufferers would suffer a great deal more and I also know how much harder it would be on the families affected by illness. One of my best friends father died when he was only 13 from cancer and he passed in this hospice and I still remember to this day how even at such a young age he spoke so highly of them and how they helped him and his family come to terms as well as his father. They aren't just there for the sick they are there for everyone.

I hope you find something you like, if not maybe check back again soon as I often do.

Thank you for taking the time to have a browse if you do so. :)

Katie xoxox

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