Thursday, 31 March 2011

Models Own Nail Polish Review.

Models Own Nail Polish - Champagne £5

I firstly discovered Models Own through the Free Gift set In the News of the World news paper so I may be a tad behind. I didn't recon much to the free gift, I thought the mascara was dreadful and the eyeliner was a soggy mess and found it impossible to line with the tip. However I gave it the benefit of the doubt as it was a free gift in the paper after all and really what can you expect for free... :p

I went ahead and bought three polishes From Boots on a random shop on the way home from Uni.
I bought Champagne, Bronze Rage and Silver Fox.


Bronze & Silver for my Mum for Mothers day so I don't have those with me to take pictures for now but I can update at a later date.

All three are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I was quite shocked by the quality of these and with them being on 3 for 2 its a must have bargain!

As you can see from the picture below they are so true in colour, I will also say I found I didn't really need a second coat with these unlike many brands you can buy on the high street. I have been wearing this since Thursday now with no top coat and there aren't really any chips apart from the odd minor that is hardly visible... for me that's AMAZING as I seem to have no choice in caking the top coat on usually.

I have worn this with the silver fox over as a top coat & I will post a picture of below along with a picture of  it plain too. One VERY important factor for me would be removal... YOU NEED A CHISEL TO GET THIS OFF YOUR NAILS!! For some of you this may be a con rather than a pro but for me its definitely a pro! It may be a little time consuming trying to get it off your nails... but for me its better than having to re apply every morning, noon and night. That's just a waste if you have to do that.

So to cut a long story short... If you are a nail fanatic, love to have a wide array of true colours to chose from but you just don't have the time to keep re applying Models Own is almost certainly for you! :)

Layered With Silver Fox as a top coat ^

Plain Champagne ^

Katie :)

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