Monday, 16 May 2011

EOTN - Mermaid Dreams.

Hi Guys,

So today I thought I would post an eye of the day however I've named it eye of the night as this is something I wouldn't really wear during the day time. It's more something I would wear on a night out when I want to really go for the heavy make up look. - I've been quite neutral as of late and haven't really experimented with a darker more full on look in a while so thought I would just have a play since I am stuck in the flat since the weather outside is totally miserable!
So here we go...

 For this eye I have used my Front Cover - Mermaid Dreams palette, which I will be doing a separate review on soon. It's no longer available at Boots so I got mine on eBay but beware if you go looking for this palette to be careful as some of the prices are extortionate... I nearly paid 28 pounds for it but I waited and eventually found one for £14 on buy it now, while some of the others were charging 30 and above... I get the impression some went on a bulk buying spree when boots sliced the price to 6 or 8 pounds when it was discontinued. Which makes me so angry that people do this and find it acceptable to rip people off in that way! Anyway I'm not gonna turn this into a mass rant. :p

Anyway, as a base I used my Boots No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mouse in Vanilla, then I applied 'Plunge Pool' allover the lid with 'Moonstruck' layered over it to create a lighter shimmery blue allover the lid, then I used 'cooler' in the crease and took in way over into both corners of my eye and then deep into my crease and also over the top I used a mix of 'Nightime' and 'Seastar' with an angled brush and blended upwards and outwards.
Under the eye I used my black No7 cream eyeliner and while it was still damp I covered it, again with my angled brush, in 'seastar' to transform it into a deep blue, I took it up in a sharp edged flick and also blended a little into the crease.
For a Highlight I used 'cloud dance' on the highest point of my brow and blended out for a hint of shimmer.
I also used black eyeliner along the bottom of my waterline but only half way ish to the middle of my eye, I then took my Rimmel white eyeliner and lined the rest of the remaining waterline to give a wide eye effect. On the inner corners I dapped a tiny bit of 'moonstruck' and took it under to meet the black/dark blue liner.
Here is my Final result!


Katie xoxox

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